This is software specific to Windows that allows users to share files. Here are a few of the better known ones on the web.

uTorrent is a site that has had over 100,000,000 downloads. It is successful and popular and the bugs have been worked out. It has received exceptional scores from its users. The positives for uTorrent include an easily navigable interface, a fast setup, extensive information on the software, and a small file on your device. The negative aspects of uTorrent are not having a built-in player and limited browsing ability.

Vuze allows you to download and submit legal video. It is a great movie platform. Some of the best aspects of Vuze are the fast downloads and open source as well as many options. On the other hand, it uses a lot of memory and the files may expire.

Luckywire is designed to replace the old version of Limewire with a similar appearance and function. It is an easy program to use and is intuitive with your concerns. It includes a built in audio file player.

Morpheus, a tried and true P2P program has an automatic antivirus, has access to all P2P files, supports UDP transfers, has parental control, ability to utilize podcasts and can syn files to iTunes. The interface is crowded with ads and there is no longer support for this program. Keep these in mind when deciding to choose this program.

BearFlix is a nice, simple program for the beginner user as it allows you to look around easily. If you are looking to just download television shows and movies this could work really well for you.

Nodezilla is a great way to anonymously share internet files through using nodes. It is great for chatting, video streaming and photo sharing. A nice part of Nodezilla is that you are able to share files in half the time as most P2P files. The trade off is that it slows things down with Java.

Blubster is another free video and music sharing site that is fast and simple. It has a very easy and clean interface, but the connection times can be slow.

Warez is another option that is easy to use and has lots of tools, but may appear to have adware and a slow connection, but it does integrate well with the web.