In life, and particularly for me the computer world, you have to absorb all the tips and tricks you can to make smart choices. It takes some consultation, time online, and trial and error to get it all right. I love helping others master the maze of information just on software out there as an example. I am getting faster at finding things and I know most people are pretty adept at Internet research. You can’t live a practical up-to-date life if you are not. I love all the resources at my fingertips. It is so easy sometimes that I am flabbergasted. I buy everything I own and also gifts at the touch of a mouse. If you need help, you can always find good people. Getting the right ones is as easy as a good search with appropriate key words. I am seldom disappointed, especially if I need to hire part-time labor. I have found software specialists and hardware repair people. But it is not always about cyberspace. I have been known to chat with people of a similar bent about their favorite sports team and we share stats. I have commissioned artwork and have found the perfect holiday decorations, so I am buying something seasonal at all times.

Now it is Indian summer and warm weather lingers so am I still interested in water recreation. It is a couple hours’ drive to the shore and I am willing to make it. It is a nice scenic route and I daydream the entire way about finding the best inflatable stand up paddle board. Before the intended day in the water, I searched on line for a suitable expert to teach me the ropes. I don’t have good balance and I need some tips and tricks. I fall off incessantly to my chagrin. I need to learn how to turn and change direction and the best way to use my arms to paddle effectively. I found a couple of people and gave each a call. Two were two far away and one was in the neighborhood, but on vacation. I waited patiently for his return. I hated to delay my outdoor water adventure but there was no choice. He finally came by and demonstrated how to maneuver a paddle board and especially how to stand up and not fall over. It seemed odd to learn a water sport on land so I invited the instructor to accompany me to the beach. He was more than willing and the two deflated paddle boards fit nicely in the van.

It was a gorgeous day and the two of us paddled out past the waves a bit into the distance. Here we talked and he stood on his board. I had a little trouble still, but I kept at it. Then he said we should move closer to where the waves break and we did. We started by facing the shore and then stood up just at the top of a big wave. I planted my feet firmly and held on. Success! What a great idea to learn right on the water. I could go back anytime alone.