There are so many excellent games sites out there that can assist you in getting just about any game you can imagine. I will list a few here for you to investigate for yourself. I will also chime in with a few of the better ones that I have found. includes games such as Jewel Quest, Billiards Masters, 3D Sniper, Biker Vs. Zombies as well as solitaire, mahjong, and different puzzles. There are literally hundreds of games available on this one site. includes many sim and farm, action, puzzle and hidden object games. It is a nice site to relax with and there are many options that are easy and nice for a calm evening. includes match 3, adventure and strategy games along with hundreds of other options.,0701-6.html has some of my personal faves such as Minecraft, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Warcraft III and Criminal Case. These are by far the best games that are available out there these days. You can also download games through Facebook, which many people choose to do in order to interact with their FB friends.

As you can see, there are some fabulous new freeware programs available to us all. There really is no reason to have to purchase anything too expensive, as most of us just need semi-professional programs. Of course there are some professions that need more specific software, but for the average person, we can pretty much find what we need on free sites.