Frat boys, listen up. You probably need to get a new kegerator to make sure those parties are well stocked and the brew is always cold. It is not your typical gear, but it should be. Having spent some time on the Internet reviewing them, I am now ready to share. A friend kindly requested some help, and I was happy to oblige. Now I know more than I need to know on the subject. While there are numerous models at various prices, I have narrowed it down to three: base price, mid-range level, and super expensive. Depending upon the state of financial affairs in your frat, you can choose accordingly.

Starting with the basics, you can opt for the Igloo 6.1-cubic foot kegerator and beer dispenser for a modest $350. It will chill and house your mini barrel kegs. Not for huge crowds, it does the job nicely for most occasions. It fits anywhere yet is roomy inside. You get compressor cooling that ensures that beverages stay cold right up to the time of consumption. It is a low-energy unit that won’t tax the utility bills. I like the stainless steel construction as the door seals tight. Plus, it is CFC free and thus eco-friendly. Not the fanciest model, but a good beginning.

In the mid-range, I like the Summit commercial kegerator that comes in basic black. It is a jump up in price to $1,000, but it does so much more. Users attest to the value of automatic defrost operation ensuring minimum user maintenance inside the 5.7 cubic foot interior. They also mention the digital thermostat that sets the perfect temperature for your favorite beer (from 33 to 50 degrees F). When the first keg is installed, you can turn on the deep chill function for fast results. Extras include a stainless floor cover, a removable drip tray, chrome topguard rail, and high-locking casters.

Moving on to the big guns in the field, there is the True TDD-3 direct draw beer dispenser at almost $3,000. While that may seem exorbitant, think about what you get. Above all, it is a three keg unit with two taps. Now we are talking for major events and blowouts at the frat. It runs about 69 x 28 x 52 inches so let’s hope you don’t have to pay for shipping. It may well be worth it however. It is very easy to dispense the beer without excess foam formation. Plus, its factory-balanced refrigeration system is guaranteed for years to come. It is a solid beauty with a stainless steel flor with reinforced lip, heavy gauge galvanized steel walls, insulated beer columns, swing doors, and interior incandescent lighting. With the 1/3 hp compressor, R-134a refrigerant and foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation, this baby can maintain 33 to 38 degrees F.

I have probably given you more information than you care to know, but let’s just say that you can see that I have done my homework. With this simple overview, you can now delve deeper to determine just the right unit for your frat. First set a budget and go from there.