A danger that has been multiplying is what is called Ransomware. It is a terrible virus that infects your computer and holds it hostage for lack of better terms, and then demands you to contact the company and pay to have it removed. This can be extremely upsetting and it is an awful nuisance. It may even be necessary to have this malware removed by a computer tech that specializes in this. It can really tear up your day, so another safeguard is to have a back up computer to be able to use in case something horrible happens to your main machine. This may not be an option, but be prepared for a trip to the library if you are working against a deadline.

There are so many different security software programs available to you, either free or for a small fee. Some examples of the best known, paid programs include Norton and McAfee. My personal favorite is F-Secure and it was installed on my last laptop by my computer guru. He swears by it and after I installed it, I didn’t have any more issues. It was $49.99 for a two year contract for two machines. It had crashed on me twice with Norton. You need to make sure you only have ONE program on your device, as they will work against one another and see each other as viruses and try to remove one another. So, make sure that only one program is set up on your device. There are some good free programs out there and some that give you a short period of time to decide if you like the product enough to purchase.

Bull Guard allows for a 60-day window before committing to purchase. This program is easy to install, has an anti-virus program built in, a spam filter which you can customize, has top malware catch rates as well an innovated layered protection system. If you choose to purchase this security software after the try-out time it costs $29.99.

Then there is Avast, which claims to be the largest free downloadable security system in the world.

AVG is a temporarily free program that allows for a 45-day window to see if you like the program’s design. There is technical support available as well for the AVG covered devices. I have my back up Dell using this product and it is a really great deal. It is easy to install and to understand. There are several levels of security available as well, with different levels of costs. It is a solid and fair program.

Avira is a free program. There isn’t as much information on this product as some of the others but it does have a decent rating from its customers and for a free software it may be a great way for you to safeguard you computer.

Kapersky Windows Unlocker is a program that allows you to clean your PC. It is useful against malware, viruses and adware.