Software can cost a lot of money and often the computers that are being sold today come with quite a lot of programs already on them or options for free apps to be downloaded upon purchase. Some of these programs can clog up your machine, so keep an eye on how much memory is being used for non-essential programs.

An important aspect to remember when you are looking for freeware is reliability and consistency as well as IT help desks and positive feedback from the users. Most of these sites have these points included. Many of the sites have technical support to assist you in finding the best options for you as well as assisting you through the actual download process.

CNET has a large selection of freeware and a very active editing staff and customer base which is constantly reviewing and critiquing the software. This is a great tool to be able to see what the possible bugs are in certain programs and how to avoid them. CNET has multiple platforms available for you to investigate for your needs and projects. is a great site and it gives quite a bit of information, technical specs and reviews. It also has a good deal of interaction between users to assist you with your downloads. There are thousands of programs available in many areas including audio-visuals, anti-virus programs, and games. is a site that allows for free Windows software. It is indexed and well organized to be able to choose easily from the software. There is also an IT help desk available to assist you as well as tutorials. This is a site that can be easily navigated by beginners. has a wide range of free downloads available such as malware removal and anti-virus software, file management, desktop tools, image and photo editing and backup software-just to name a few. It is a great site as there is also internet tools, email software, system management, security and privacy software, multimedia, publishing and design, networking, server applications and productivity programs. As you can see, every need you may have can be met with this site and there is a great deal of interaction and support as well. is a Windows based free software download site. There is an IT desk available as well for this site. It also is a platform for VoIP. touts that they are the original freeware site. There are lists and lists of available programs and apps. There is a forum as well with popular questions and answers that may come in handy for your first few tries at downloading. They also have sifted through the software to assure that it isn’t a gimmick to have to purchase another program.

Gizmo’s freeware is a non-commercial company staffed completely by volunteers to help you download freeware that otherwise would cost you hundreds of dollars. This company has nothing to gain, per se, and they are very willing to steer you in a positive way that matches with your needs.