Through your search for quality applications, you might have come across certain quality ones and not so quality ones. The market is strange in that manner, and not everybody can deliver what you need. By all means, you need to get your hands on the finest, and that is regardless of the purpose. So in this article, we are going to talk about different animation software that is not only the best in the business but also available on all major platforms. Hence, to make matters specific, here’s our list.

Synfig Studio

Some of you may have heard of this software since it received appreciation from all corners at the time of its launch. The software comes loaded with a bunch of features that are capable of producing top-notch results. Your projects/work can be completed in no time, and this software can provide you with all that you need for the same. But on the downside, you might also take a while to learn and to get used to this software. In terms of user experience, it offers a great deal, but any individual might take time since the process includes a bit of a complication.


Mac users may be familiar with this software since it is one of the tops in terms of quality. Coming on board with various illustrations and features, Tupi is clearly ahead of its competition. There is a lot that you can do with this software, and things only seem to be going in the right direction. In terms of accessibility, you need to understand that various formats are available on this software, and it goes a long way to keep you satisfied. But on the other side, the software might not support any 3D animation since it is solely made for 2D.

DAZ Studio

Although many people describe DAZ Studio to be difficult, it still manages to surprise you with its bunch of features. It might take a while for you to get used to the same, but once your set, you’re good to go. The software boasts a bunch of options like 3D morphing, rendering and also a few interactive tutorials. All the effects that it generates are unique, and you might be surprised to know all about the results. Hence, by all means, DAZ Studio is one software to reckon with.


Blender is a common name, and it always rings a bell with professionals. Most of them tend to use the same for their work since the software is essential for their purpose. In terms of rendering and other such necessities, you might not face any problem and things will be smooth. So, you need to have a close look and pick any one software from this because they are all the best.