If you used to go to the library or bookstore and would check out the “How To” section, your resource is obsolete. There are faster ways to find out how to do things these days and a lot of knowledge comes from watching online videos and YouTube. There are thousands of explainer videos that show you how to do anything from installing a toilet to repairing a roof. You can learn how to bake a cake, apply makeup, update your wardrobe, use a boogie board, or fly a kite. What would we do without the Internet? We would be a bit helpless to say the least. It is the invention of the millennium and it guides us through life where we would otherwise falter. I don’t use videos just for entertainment like those that go viral and everyone shares on social media. Sure, these are fun and we all love to watch them. But when it comes to pure instruction, there are other kinds of videos to view.

Take my friend’s new hot tub for example. He didn’t want to hire an installer and spend the extra money, but he thought he would prefer the old do it yourself route. The first person he turned to was me. He knew I would have the savvy to research the subject on line and find a couple of ways of doing the installation properly. And he was right. It didn’t take long to find a dozen videos so I could view them all and compare processes. Together, we would get it right. We watched the best video numerous times so that we had it practically memorized. We supplemented what we saw in a step by step explanation with some information from a hot tub website. They had a special section on installation so potential buyers could envision how easy it would be to buy and use their product. Clever marketing if you ask me.

Now my friend and I had everything we needed to proceed. We set aside a Saturday afternoon for the project. We estimated a couple of hours at the most judging from what we read. Our only concern was if we ran into trouble we would have no one to call. We needed an emergency backup so we had better get it right. We set about the task methodically, careful to heed all our printed out instructions. They did suffice. Within the allotted time, we were on our way to some good times in his hot tub. We had to master the heating system and the filter installation. These are critical areas to get right. By nightfall, we were soaking in the tub at the desired temperature which we had learned how to set. We were able to fill the tub efficiently in the afternoon so we had plenty of time to spare. We were certainly proud of our success and celebrated with some cold brew and grilled snacks. The backyard was a veritable recreational oasis now. It was for us to enjoy.