Hello and welcome back to the blog! I was researching some home design software programs for the site over the past week to share with all of you. I was able to recreate the front of my house with the first one I tried so that I could see what the house would look like if, say, I switched out the existing picture window and put in a bay window instead. It also had lots of color options, so that I could see what would look good on the siding and the trim, stuff like that. As I was experimenting, I accidently colored the door blue. I quickly undid it and moved on to other tweaks and feature testing for this particular program, but that blue door stayed in the back of my mind.

It looked really good. Like, really, really good.

I let it go for a day as I tried to continue my research and I found my brain going back there constantly. A blue door. Seems a weird thing to obsess over but once I get an idea in my head, it’s lodged in there pretty good. So, I hopped online to play with a paint color site where I found the blue I was looking for. I headed over to the store to get some paint mixed up so that I could now get the door painted and free my mind to go wondering about and thinking of other things again. I don’t actually have a ladder, so I asked the guy who mixed the paint for me if there are ladder rentals, and he actually recommended a paint sprayer instead. This sounded promising as I got to play with tools, keep both feet on the ground, AND get the job done faster.

I brought my rented paint sprayer, some paint thinner, and my paint home. I took the door off the frame and prepped it for painting. I had rented the best paint sprayer for latex paint (what I was using to paint the door) that they had in the store, but I did need to put some paint thinner in so that the nozzle wouldn’t clog. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to attach the paint to the gun, as it was a gravity fed paint sprayer and it essentially went on upside-down, but I got it on properly and was able to make two passes on the door fairly quickly.

All that was left was waiting for it to dry and re-hanging it.

Once it was dry, I got it back up in the doorframe and stepped back to admire my handiwork. It really did look just like the software said it would, and I was very impressed. And I know, I spent this whole post talking about my adventure getting my door painted and not the software that inspired it, but I wanted to give a review of a few home design software products and clearly I got a little distracted this time! Maybe next time!