You have a series of identical fold up booths set up in a large expo hall. Each booth has a specific health topic or test that is being conducted. For example, you can donate blood right next to a booth that will give you a blood pressure reading using either the wrist or arm cuff model. They have portable units for sale. You keep walking and you will encounter a cardiologist, a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, a radiologist, a gastrointestinal expert, and no doubt a nutritionist, given how important good eating is to one’s health. We are starting to recognize this more and more as diabetes and overweight are running rampant in our society. It is time to take charge, and if focusing on it at an expo will help, more power to the organizers for including it.

Such is the nature of a health fair. It should be organized, relevant, and comprehensive. I know since the company I work for hosts one for employees. I hope this is going to be a regular annual event. It may be the only time I get to focus on health issues in one confined space. It makes it easy to compare notes and see what is of interest to others. There is practically a separate room for exercise equipment where you will find bicycles, treadmills, a series of weights, and assorted machines that tone the upper and lower body. I love these things. Each one is a marvel of engineering if you know how to use it and regulate the weights. A demonstration of the newer equipment is conducted round the clock.

Further on down the aisle next to the mock gym a variety of samples of energy bars are given away free as exemplars of what workout addicts might like to get the get up and go to work these machines. There are also representatives from major manufacturers so you can talk about what is new in technological advancements. It is easy to get behind on this subject so I made the rounds once or twice of the expo hall including the blood pressure booth since I was rather surprised, and also impressed, at how low mine was. Most people go the other way. They have high blood pressure for their age and weight and have to battle with different medications to control it. It can be dangerous if you don’t attend to it like anything else.

You can bet the drug reps were there offering their open opinions. Local doctors were also there to listen. Of course no free samples. A health fair is a great idea, especially if it covers the basics and beyond since most employees do not regularly get medical checkups and look after their health. People take it for granted they are fine if they have no symptoms. Such is the luxury of the young. The older employees know better. They stop at the booths that discuss cardiac problems, colonoscopies and other screening tests, and of course diabetes.